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Close-up of the Naturals™ Anjan design
Packaged roll of Con-tact® Brand’s Naturals™ Anjan

Naturals™ by Con-Tact Brand® Anjan

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Transform your living spaces with the timeless elegance and durability of Anjan from the Naturals™ collection by Con-Tact® Brand. This self-adhesive covering transforms any project from ordinary to extraordinary, blending functionality with style. Designed for those who seek both beauty and practicality in home improvements, Anjan offers an exceptional way to enhance your cabinets, table tops, and furniture with ease.


  • Extra thick, permanent self-adhesive liner
  • Ideal for heavier traffic areas
  • Pliable for wrapping around edges
  • Easy measure and cut backing

The Anjan Naturals™ invites you to reimagine your home with a touch of sophistication and durability. Whether upgrading your kitchen counters or giving an old piece of furniture a new lease on life, Anjan provides a perfect blend of elegance and functionality.


  • Roll size: 24 inches x 15 feet
  • Best used on smooth surfaces
  • Limited quantity available