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Con-Tact® Brand non-adhesive cork.
Roll of cork patterned shelf liner.
Con-Tact® Brand Cork, Non-Adhesive pattern.
Con-Tact® Brand Cork, Non-Adhesive

Con-Tact® Brand Cork, Non-Adhesive

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Elevate your space with Con-Tact® Brand Cork, Non-Adhesive — the versatile solution for DIY projects and home organization. This multifunctional cork roll allows you to customize your space efficiently and stylishly.

Key Features

  • Easy to measure, cut, and apply
  • DIY possibilities for various projects
  • Provides protection for shelves and drawers
  • Multifunctional: sound-absorbing, moisture-resistant, and ideal for crafts
  • Affordable option for shelf and drawer lining

Discover the endless potential with Con-Tact® Brand Cork, Non-Adhesive. Transform your living spaces with this durable and customizable cork roll. Elevate your decor and organization effortlessly.

Specifications Overview

  • Size: 12" x 4' roll
  • Available as a self-adhesive option

Personalize your space with the exceptional functionality of Con-Tact® Brand Cork, Non-Adhesive. Embrace the versatility of this cork roll, designed to meet your unique needs in a stylish and cost-effective way. Buy now below or at Walmart!