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Close-up of someone covering a child’s drawing with a matte finish Clear Cover™
Packaged roll of Clear Cover™ in clear matte
Clear Cover™ Clear Matte
Clear Cover™ Clear Matte

Clear Cover™ Clear Matte

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Safeguard and showcase your cherished projects and surfaces with Clear Cover™. Crafted with innovation and care, this self-adhesive clear vinyl liner combines protection with visibility, allowing the beauty of your items and surfaces to shine through. Perfect for a variety of applications, from kitchen shelves to memory books, Clear Cover™ Matte is the blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal you've been seeking.


  • Self-adhesive backing for a strong yet removable bond without leaving residue
  • Stain-resistant and washable
  • Transparent material allows underlying surface color or pattern to show

Feel the ease and satisfaction as Clear Cover™ Matte effortlessly adheres to any DIY project you are working on, providing a durable, protective layer that's both invisible and effective. Experience the joy of preservation without compromising the look of your special items or interiors.


  • Material: Clear Matte Vinyl
  • Available Sizes: 18" x 16' and 18" x 50'
  • Compatibility: Suitable for use on smooth surfaces, including glass, plastic, and metal