Con-Tact® Brand Metal FX™ Pewter

Con-Tact® Brand Metal FX™ Pewter

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Have you been searching for something to cover that old, scratched coffee table? Con-Tact® Brand Metal FX™ series of patterns gives you a lot of shine without the heavy price tag. Your friends and family might want you to cover their tables next.   

Metal FX™ Brush Pewter gives any project a modern and stylish finish. The cut-to-fit grid pattern on the back is designed to help with easy measurements and placement.

This is a must have for all DIY or crafters because of its ability to cover imperfections on surfaces such as scratches and general wear and tear. In addition, this is great for event decorations. A little shine goes a long way! 


Stock up today! Available in 18 inches x 6 feet roll.