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Are you ready to embark on a crafting journey filled with endless possibilities and innovative materials? Dive into the world of crafting with Con-Tact® Brand, where self-expression meets functionality, and imagination knows no bounds. For over four decades, we have been the pioneers in decorative coverings and self-adhesive products, offering a wide array of solutions for your crafting endeavors.

Endless Inspiration and Ideas

From creating decorative items and home accessories to personalizing everyday items, our collection of adhesive liners and papers opens up a world of creative opportunities. Let your imagination run wild as you explore unique ways to incorporate our products into your crafting projects, whether it's mixing patterns, layering textures, or combining different Con-Tact® Brand lines for custom creations that reflect your style.


Someone applying the Glossy, Acid-Free Clear Cover™ to a piece of art

Crafting With Con-Tact® Brand Products

Explore the diverse range of Con-Tact® Brand products designed to enhance your crafting experience. Our Peel & Stick adhesive liners and papers offer easy application and removal, making them perfect for various DIY projects. On the other hand, our extra strong, non-adhesive grip liners provide durability and cushioning for heavier storage applications, ideal for protecting surfaces and organizing your crafting supplies.

Elevate Your Crafting Experience

Transform ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art with our decorative coverings and self-adhesive products tailored for crafting enthusiasts. Whether you're revamping a piece of furniture, creating personalized gifts, or adding unique touches to your home décor, our products are the perfect companions for your crafting journey. Let Con-Tact® Brand inspire and empower your creative spirit as you craft your way to a more personalized and vibrant world.

Why Choose Con-Tact Brand Shelf Liners?

Discover the difference that Con-Tact® Brand Shelf Liners can make in your crafting endeavors and beyond. Our versatile and easy-to-use products are perfect for various DIY projects, from revamping kitchen cabinets to refreshing old furniture. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color or protect your surfaces, our shelf liners are the ideal choice for interior design enthusiasts and craft aficionados alike.

Experience the magic of crafting with Con-Tact® Brand and unlock the unlimited potential of your artistic vision. Elevate your DIY projects, personalize your surroundings, and craft with confidence using our premium products. Order now and embark on a crafting adventure like never before, where every creation bears the mark of your unique style and creativity. Transform your crafting dreams into reality with Con-Tact® Brand today.

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