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Close-up of the Naturals™ by Con-Tact Brand® Osage Medium
Packaged roll of theNaturals™ by Con-Tact Brand® Osage Medium

Naturals™ by Con-Tact Brand® Osage Medium

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The quintessential choice for those looking to seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality is the Osage Medium decorative covering from Con-tact® Brand. This self-adhesive covering from our Naturals™ collection transforms tables, cabinets, and furniture from ordinary to extraordinary, embodying the essence of natural beauty. With its durable, easy-to-apply design, Osage Medium invites a touch of the outdoors into your home, offering a solution that marries elegance with ease.


  • Designed for heavy traffic areas, yet pliable for wrapping edges
  • Easy measure and cut backing for precise installation
  • Variety of faux wood and stone finishes

Immerse yourself in the transformational experience that Osage Medium offers. Feel the satisfaction as you upgrade your space with a durable, stylish solution that stands the test of time. Witness your furniture and countertops evolve, as Naturals™ by Con-Tact Brand® ensures a professional finish effortlessly achieved. The journey from mundane to magnificent is simpler than ever.


  • Size: 24” x 15’
  • Suitable for smooth surfaces for optimal adherence
  • Extra thick, permanent adhesive