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Con-Tact® Brand cherry wood printed shelf liner.

Naturals™ by Con-Tact Brand® Cherry

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Transform your cabinets, table tops, and furniture with Cherry Naturals™ by Con-Tact® Brand self-adhesive covering. Elevate your projects from ordinary to extraordinary with this durable and versatile decorative solution.

Key Features
  • Extra thick, permanent self-adhesive liner
  • Ideal for larger jobs
  • Durable long-lasting protection for heavy traffic areas
  • Pliable for wrapping around edges
  • Easy measure and cut backing for precise application

Bring sophistication and durability to your projects with Naturals™ by Con-Tact® Brand Cherry covering. Upgrade your living spaces effortlessly while ensuring long-lasting decorative protection. Elevate your projects with the limitless possibilities of faux wood or stone finishes.

Specifications Overview
  • Color: Cherry
  • Roll Size: 24 inches x 15 feet
Enhance your decor projects with the superior quality and versatility of Naturals™ by Con-Tact® Brand Cherry. Transform your surfaces with ease and style using this remarkable self-adhesive covering. Experience the difference — shop now below or at Walmart!