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Con-Tact® Brand Inspires

The DIY movement is infusing the world with color, breaking the monotony of mass-produced DIY products. We’re reminding you that it’s okay to be proud of your creations. Making something yourself and sharing it with someone is the ultimate act of giving. You’re sharing not just what you made but a part of yourself.

Thousands of Do-It-Yourselfers (DIYers) exist today in communities around the world. We want to reach out to the communities of Con-Tact® Brand fans to provide an opportunity for members to contribute on a variety of topics and specific projects, ranging from kid-friendly crafts to custom party favors.

For the past 40 years, Con-Tact® Brand has continued to work with a team of designers to develop new patterns and textures that are current with today’s trends. Our team of self-adhesive product specialists and designers searched the internet to pull some of the best DIY project ideas that can help you. 

Let’s make it a point to break through the mundane and create every day exactly as we want it to be. Infuse your world with color and creativity with our selection of decorative coverings. It's time to have fun with Con-Tact® Brand!


Con-Tact® Brand specializes in offering customers a budget-friendly, removable option ideal for home décor, crafts, and other DIY projects. We are proud to offer a customizable home improvement product that features contact paper technology that is removable when necessary without damaging the surface while still providing a strong bond.

Con-Tact® Brand is dedicated to sharing concepts that can help you explore new ideas. Photos shared on our website have been shared by other creators, designers, and everyday creative people. We believe it's important to share ideas that can help you achieve your desired look. If you want to share your ideas or concepts with other Con-Tact® Brand fans, please contact us or message us through our social media pages or use the hashtag #mycontactproject. All photos shown are concepts and ideas that others have used and/or can be replicated by using our line of self-adhesive products.  You will want to check back often, photos will be updated regularly. 

We understand this might be your first time using our self-adhesive products, so we outlined some quick tips to help you with your next DIY project.

More videos to come soon!

Let us know if you have a design challenge. We are always here to help