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Common Questions

Welcome to our cozy corner of creativity and care! At Con-tact® Brand, we're all about sparking joy and innovation in your personal and shared spaces. Our extensive range of DIY products, from decorative coverings to drawer and cabinet liners, is designed to empower your home improvement projects with ease and flair. 
Whether you're embarking on a new DIY project, seeking craft supplies, or looking to refresh your home with stylish decorative coverings, you've come to the right place. Got questions? We've got answers! Take a look at what others have asked us and take the first step toward a brighter DIY future today!

Your Common Questions, Answered

Is the Self-Adhesive removable?

Con-Tact® Brand is proud to offer a removable and repositionable liner. Once you are ready for a change, Con-Tact liners will not leave a sticky residue, allowing you the freedom to change the pattern at any time.  

Why do we use shelf liner?

Con-Tact® Brand developed different styles and patterns of shelf liner papers that are esthetically pleasing while helping to extend the life of our cabinets, shelving, and drawers. In addition, adding cabinet liners can help transform your kitchen without doing a full renovation. Each liner is decorative and functional.  

Over the years, Con-Tact® Brand liners have been used for many DIY projects. The fun patterns are being used as a decorative material that transforms your projects from ordinary to extraordinary.

What is the "Measure grid" that is on the rolls?

Con-Tact® Brand includes a measuring grid on every self-adhesive roll to help ensure your cut is straight and to size. The grid is marked in increments of 1/2" measurement.

Do the colors I see on the monitor match the product?

Every monitor displays color differently. While we take time to describe each pattern, color, and special detail, the color seen on the monitor is subjective. If you are concerned about accurate color values, we recommend ordering a sample (some products are not available for sampling). A small handling fee is for a small cut strip of the desired pattern to view before purchasing a full roll. The small swatch should be able to help you evaluate the match.    

Is Con-Tact Premium liners BPA free?

The Premium liners are BPA free.

Are your products safe? 

All of our products, which vary in use and purpose, are designed to be as safe as possible when used properly. If there is a required warning under state or federal law, you’ll find it on the label.

Can you use Duraliner on lacquered surface? 

Duraliner is not made in PVC so it should be OK. However, we recommend removing any kind of liner periodically during general household cleaning to avoid possible issues. Long term pressure can cause issues. 

How do you apply self-adhesive liner?

It's very important to prepare the surface first by cleaning the surface with soap and water first. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Product may not adhere to fabric, rough or pebbly surfaces, or surfaces under 55F°. Porous surfaces should be sealed completely with enamel, shellac, urethane, or similar products. You should measure and cut the liner, allowing a 3/8" overlap on all edges for possible shrinkage. Peel off the backing evenly. When covering a large area, peel small sections at a time to make it easier. Apply the liner at the center, and press out towards the edge using a squeegee, straight-edge tool, or cloth. There are helpful instructions printed on all rolls.

Can your liners be laser cut?

We do not recommend using a laser cutter with our self-adhesive liners. 

Is the self-adhesive contact paper food safe, can you rest food directing on the liner?

We don't recommend placing food directly on the liners. We encourage food to be covered with something food-grade safe, then use our liners as decoration.

Where can we find Con-Tact® Brand?

Con-Tact® Brand contact papers can be found in most major retailers, but it's up to the store to decide which patterns and roll sizes to carry. Your favorite pattern may not be available in a store near you but is subject to change based on the inquiries at the store level.   

Is the adhesive liners flame resistant? 

Our adhesive liners are made of PVC vinyl, so they can only withstand lukewarm or very low heat and no open flames.

Can you use self-adhesive liners behind stove as a backsplash?

We would not recommend using the liner near an open heat source.

Which side is up for non-adhesive liners?

There is no right or wrong side. Either side can be the surface, it is a personal preference. However, most of our users prefer the textured side up to allow for air circulation.

What is the difference between non-adhesive liners and how do I know which one to get?

You should review the features and benefits of the liners. For example, Grip Premium + Microban is ideal for odor-resistant applications, but Grip Prints are smooth, washable, and waterproof. The surface is protective, while the cushioned grip stays in place without adhesive. Both are non-adhesive liners with a different focus.  

Which liner should be used for wire shelving?

We have a few options that are ideal for wire racking. Duraliner is scuff, tear, and crack-resistant, with the added bonus of being water—and stain-resistant. We also offer a full line of premium shelf liners designed to transform wire shelving into a smooth surface. These liners are thicker and more durable for heavy-duty applications. We focus on presenting different options that capture your style while still being functional.   

Do you have liners for refrigerators?

How do we know when something new is coming, design ideas or contests? 

We recommend signing up for our newsletter, which will keep you informed of all the exciting projects. We will also share new ideas and projects. We will update the projects on the website on a monthly basis. Many projects will offer step-by-step instructions on how you can make the project at home.

Can you ship to a PO Box address?

At this time, we do not ship products to PO Boxes. If you try to enter a PO Box number in the shipping address, the order will not process.

In the whirlwind of creativity and innovation, remember that our team at Con-tact® Brand is always by your side, ready to answer your questions and inspire your next project. Our DIY products, including decorative coverings, drawer liners, and cabinet liners, are crafted with love and care, ensuring that your home improvement journey is filled with joy and satisfaction.

Embrace your creative flair within and let Con-tact® Brand help you transform your space into a reflection of your unique style. If your question was not answered here or if you need some extra assistance deciding on the right solution for your next project, please contact us today and take the first step towards a beautiful, personalized home.

Friendly Reminder: We recommend removing any kind of liner periodically during general household cleaning to avoid possible issues. Long-term pressure can cause issues.

All products supplied to Kittrich must comply with CA Proposition 65's Lead, BPA, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, and Phthalates regulations. Additional requirements may apply per U.S. Federal and State regulations.

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