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Applicator Tool
Applicator Tool
Applicator Tool
Applicator Tool
Applicator Tool

Applicator Tool

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It might look simple, but it's smart!

This applicator tool is designed to do most of the work of removing air bubbles but we added a few additional features. 

For example, the handle is the perfect size and distance from the squeegee base, which is what helps push air bubbles out without needing to use a lot of pressure. Because you don't need a lot of pressure, it's perfect for all ages. If you can use scissors, you can use the applicator tool. 

Let's not forget about the size and color. We noticed a lot of tools look similar, but why? We want to stand out, so we made our tool bright red. We wanted a bright color that can be spotted easy and a color everyone knows. 

The applicator tool was designed to help users with our self-adhesive products. So when you are buying a roll of two, don't forget to have the right tool and add an applicator tool.  

Features and Benefits 

  • Perfect for right or left handed users.
  • Already designed to be stored on a peg board for easy organization and/or small enough to fit with your other office or school supplies. 
  • The red is easy to spot in a crowd supply drawer or tool box.
  • The small handle helps the user to push out air bubbles without applying a lot of pressure. Important feature for those with hand or wrist problems.
  • Squeegee base tools are ideal for applying Con-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive products. 
  • The squeegee base can be replaced.