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Dish Protector Set Package

Dish Protector Set

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Protecting your cherished dishware has never been easier, thanks to the Dish Protector Set by Con-Tact® Brand. Our innovative grip technology, now customized for dishware protection, ensures your plates are safe during moves in RVs, campers, or when passing down precious heirlooms. This essential kit is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding your memories, plate by plate. With pre-cut guards for a variety of plate sizes, it’s the simplest way to shield your dishes against the rigors of daily life.


  • Innovative grip technology for ultimate protection
  • Non-adhesive and easily adjustable
  • Pre-cut guards to fit various plate sizes
  • Easy to insert and remove without adhesive residue

The feeling of unboxing a plate handed down through generations, without a single chip or crack, is priceless. Our Dish Protector Set is designed to keep those feelings intact, ensuring every meal carries a story without the worry.